This book offers a step-by-step proven system to help self-represented litigants manage their court litigation. From trademark disputes to family and civil law, the book explains how to maneuvre through the court process and maximize chances of winning a litigation.
This book addresses the needs of 97% of self-represented litigants, and uses plain language to walk the reader through the court and litigation process. The system educates litigants by providing valuable tips pertaining to court materials preparation, and directions on how to seek legal advice and hire lawyers using limited scope (or special purpose) retention to address their specific needs


Learn how to . . .

  • Manage your litigation in court
  • Navigate the pros and cons of self-representation
  • Access the court and file in court
  • Access different court levels
  • Determine the truth about court procedures
  • Avoid and overcome limited access to court backdoor procedures
  • Manage your case in court
  • Use various dispute resolution systems
  • Retain special-purpose lawyers
  • Manage opposing counsel
  • Face opposing parties: Cross examination
  • Access legal help
  • Argue your case before a judge
  • Access resources to support your litigation
  • Understand the taxonomy of the court